How to Simply Cut Student Loan Debt


From The Motley Fool – Think about this statement for a minute: Education can reduce student loan debt.

Though it might sound like a paradox – after all, isn’t it the pursuit of education that has ignited the college debt crisis? – the Hoosier state university system has proved that educating students about loan debt can alter their behavior in a positive way.

Last year, the seven colleges making up the Indiana University system sent letters to students giving them a sneak peek at their post-graduate monthly loan payments. The missives were a wake-up call for many, who decided against taking out additional loans, according to Bloomberg. Overall, the university system saw an 11% decline in the amount of federal Stafford loan disbursements, which fell by about $31 million over the course of the academic year.

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Florida First To Adopt National Financial Literacy Standards

From the Tampa Bay Times – Florida finance and business leaders have long pushed for the state’s students to better understand the way money works in today’s society. Lawmakers mandated financial literacy instruction for high school students in 2013.

In June, the State Board of Education adopted a “financial literacy strand” into its social studies standards.

Did you know Florida was the first in the nation to put in place the national Council for Economic Education’s Standards for Financial Literacy, which include lessons on such subjects as saving and investment? This sets the stage for a full-blown course on the subject some time in the future, to go along with the growing list of other state mandated (and tested) topics that students face.

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