Four Steps to Choosing a College Major

From the NYTimes – What will you be doing on this date 20 years from now? No, really. Try to answer that. Given what you know about your ever-changing self, and factoring in the breakneck pace of societal change, can you accurately predict what the future world around you will look like and what role you’ll play in it?

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A Will – I’m Young, Why Do I Need to Think About That!

A Will? Me? I’m young, I have plenty of time. Read on and learn, Sherlock.

From Daily Finance – Little more than half (56 percent) of American parents have a will or living trust document, according to a survey of adult children. Nearly one-third of parents (27 percent) don’t have estate documents in place and 16 percent of adult children are unsure if their parents do. Of those that do have a will, only 40 percent have updated it in the last five years. Almost a quarter of adult children don’t know if their parents’ will has ever been updated.

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