How I’m Paying Off $155K of Student Loans From Pharmacy School

From Yahoo – Medical professionals often leave school with jaw-dropping amounts of student loan debt. Among 2014 graduates from medical school, for example, most (84%) reported having education debt, with a median amount just over $176,000, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges. Even if they earn high incomes when they graduate (physicians, for example, are among the highest earners in America), by the time that debt — with interest — is repaid, the tab can be significantly higher.

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7 do’s and don’ts of student loans for millennials

From, some great advise on student loans.

2013_12-TMTest05When Philly resident Chenell Tull’s grace period ended 6 months after graduation, her $45,000 in private loans turned into $52,000. That’s because post-grace period, the student loan companies took the interest that had accrued while Tull was in school and added it to the principal.

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