You’re A Millionaire!

Did you know that YOU are a MILLIONAIRE!

No really, you are. And so is most everyone you know?

How you ask? Well this Talkin’ Money video explains it!

Through your lifetime, you will most likely earn a million dollars, and probably much more! Here’s a chart showing the Median Lifetime Earnings by College Majors. Just look at the return of a high school degree, versus an Associate’s College Degree and All Majors – it’s pretty amazing!


How are you gonna manage your money? It takes responsibility, and, being financially literate!

April is National Financial Literacy Month, Talkin’ Money’s favorite month! There’s just a few days left, but you can always revisit our website to review all the financial literacy tips we’ve posted – and more!

A Career Plan Helps You Plan For The Future

2016_0403-CareerPlanSometimes stepping back and looking at where you stand can have a great impact on your approach to things. The same can be said for a Career Plan. At various stages of your life, having a Career Plan, and reviewing that plan can keep you on the right path, helping you achieve a higher salary, job security and a rewarding career – doing what you love.

Ask yourself these questions:

What is the marketability of the degree you are pursuing?
Are there steps you might take to add to your potential employ-ability and earning power?

A career plan is simply a step-by-step assessment, finding out the things you need to do, and the order you need to do them in, to get the career you want.  For college-aged folks, taking the time to establish a career plan can act as a blueprint for building your career.

1 – Assess yourself, Take time now to learn how your skills, values, interests, and personality might influence your career choices.

2 – Understand the careers available to your career choice. Do you really know what jobs you might qualify for upon graduation?

3 – Participate in your career choice. Set yourself apart from other recent graduates, participate in internships, mentoring programs, and other work-based learning experiences.

4 – Network. Look for career-related student group, professional associations, or other groups that can help you to network.

Taking the time to organize yourself with a Career Plan helps you take the right steps to your career future.

April is National Financial Literacy Month, Talkin’ Money’s favorite month! To celebrate the importance of being financially literate, we’re going to post financial literacy tips every day.

Four Steps to Choosing a College Major

From the NYTimes – What will you be doing on this date 20 years from now? No, really. Try to answer that. Given what you know about your ever-changing self, and factoring in the breakneck pace of societal change, can you accurately predict what the future world around you will look like and what role you’ll play in it?

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A Rude Awakening on Pay for The Class of 2015

From HuffPost – Leaving college for the “real world” can be a jarring experience for any new graduate. And if a new survey is any indication, a particularly unpleasant surprise awaits the bright-eyed, fresh-faced class of 2015 when they get those first paychecks.

What new graduates expect to earn in their first job is pretty different from what grads of 2014 and 2013 have actually been making, according to a survey released Tuesday by the consulting firm Accenture.

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Your A Millionaire!

TALKIN-MONEY03-FrameGrabs17We’ve been telling you that you are all millionaires since we began this series.

Over your lifetimes, you should earn well over a million dollars, some of you will earn even more. Here’s a great article by Yahoo Finance on a 27 year old millionaire – 75-80% of his wealth is through inheritance. For millennials, inheritance might be a major financial component of your future.

Anton Ivanov isn’t your average millionaire.


For starters, he’s barely 27 years old, he doesn’t work in Silicon Valley and he isn’t heir to a family fortune. He doesn’t live in a tiny house or get his food from a compost garden in his backyard, either.

Ivanov, who shares wealth-building tips on his blog,, made his million the old-fashioned way: He read books. He saved early and often. And he started planning his rise to millionaire status before most kids his age had their driver’s license.

“I’m a testament that if you want something bad enough and you keep working towards it … you will get to where you want to go,” he says. “It was my habits and my principles that made me rich.”

Here’s how he did it.

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Picking Up An Elusive College Dream

From the NYTimes – At the corner of Seventh Avenue and 27th Street, Tenille Warren waited impatiently for the light to change. She swept under the purple welcome banner into the Fashion Institute of Technology’s industrial-looking building, raced upstairs to her class and slid into the front row beside a mannequin dressed in a Lululemon jacket. This was no time to be fashionably late.

Almost immediately, the professor gave a flash assignment: Sketch a garment for a sport of your choice. Ms. Warren quickly drew a plucky young black woman with Afro puffs in a racerback tennis dress with a flare skirt and white reflective trim.

“Make your garment look like it’s moving even though it’s standing still,” the professor, who had designed for Calvin Klein, instructed. Ms. Warren understood. In the rare moments she is standing still, she is still moving forward.

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