Say YES to Employee Sponsored Savings Plans

2016_0412-EmplSponsSavPlansWhen you’re young and just starting out in the workforce and lucky enough to be able to join in an employee sponsored savings plan but you’re not sure if you should. Here’s the answer: Yes, definitely, do not hesitate. I hope that’s clear enough. To understand it better let’s take a look at the definition.

A pooled investment account provided by an employer that allows employees to set aside a portion of their pretax wages for retirement savings or other long-term goals (i.e. paying for college tuition, purchasing a home). Many employers match their employees’ contributions up to a certain dollar amount, or by a certain percentage.

If your employer matches all or part of your contribution, that’s like found money! Keep in mind that there may be plans that require employees to remain employed for a minimum amount of time before they are vested and eligible to withdraw employer-matched funds. ESPs can be an attractive and relatively easy way for employees to lower their taxes and save for long-term goals.

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