What’s the deal with Social Security?

Retirement?!! That’s so far off…or is it? Some things to think about at any working age.

One big misconception is that Social Security is going bankrupt. Actually, it’s not,” says¬†Andrew McFadden, Social Security educator

Here’s a great article by Fidelity Investments about Social Security –



Social Security 101 – 10 Things You Need to Know

OK, your young, why do you need to think about Social Security?

Because it’s money deducted from your paycheck, o don’t you want to know what does for you? Contrary to news reports, Social Security is not going broke. Being knowledgable about what Social Security is just basic financial literacy!

From CNBC –¬†Social Security Insurance was established in 1935 as a financial safety net for older Americans. Eight decades later, all Americans pay into the system, with Social Security the largest source of income for citizens age 65 and older.

The following 10 points are based on best practices recommended by the U.S. Social Security Administration of policy website.

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